Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition

Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition




Calligraphy and painting is a collective term for painting and calligraphy.

Painting is the crystallization of creation in people's lives. Painting has a long origin and has rich meanings.

"There are poems in paintings, and paintings also in poems", in ancient China, poetry and painting are inseparable.

The works of the paintings also reflect the emotions and thoughts of the author. The paintings often contain the artist's strong thoughts and feelings, so art is also deeply bred in the paintings.

Calligraphy refers to calligraphy, which is the so-called character. Another view is that the book refers to cultural connotation.

It can be seen from this that calligraphy and calligraphy refer to painting and calligraphy, and can also be understood as paintings with cultural connotations.


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