Jiangxi Cuisine

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Jiangxi Cuisine


Founded in 1985





Founded in 1985, Lion House Restaurant started with Chinese food. With its unique theatrical experience, it has rapidly developed chain stores in Jiangxi, Hainan and other places since its establishment.

In 1985, Jiangxi's first modern restaurant restaurant-Nanchang Lion House Restaurant was founded.

In 1987, the first chain restaurant restaurant in Jiangxi-Nanchang Lion House Restaurant Main Store opened.

In 1990, the first national chain of Gan cuisine brand enterprise in Jiangxi-Hainan Lion House opened.

In 1991, the Hainan Lion House Night Food City opened, and it was crowned the No. 1 food stall in Asia.

In 1994, Lion House was incorporated in the Virginia Company of the United States, becoming the first global chain catering company after the reform and opening up.

"Lion House" is based on the concept of "Gan cuisine is cooked in empty space, the original flavor is authentic", traces the origin of ancient recipes, and strives to be the authentic inheritor of Gan cuisine.

In addition, the Lion House also pays great attention to people's experience of Chinese food.

 The stage in the building is high, and Peking Opera, Gan Opera, Huangmei Opera, Tea Picking Opera, and Miscellaneous Opera are all shining brightly, bringing extraordinary experience to customers.


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