Wonderful Mirror

Wonderful Mirror, a fantasy experience space created by Daguan Culture Street, is one of the check-in points for Internet celebrities.

Breathing in the forest, bead curtain space, colorful, jellyfish world, and other novel and interesting experience points, so that visitors are in it as if they have had a strange dream, and enter a fantasy world like a dream. 

Shanggao Wonderland is a collection of viewing, experiential, and interactive.

There are 7 themed spaces in Shanggaoqi: Breathing Forest, Bead Curtain Space, Colorful Colors, Jellyfish World, Pink Feathers, Gravitational Space, and Illusion Space.

It integrates light and shadow interaction and technological experience into a fantasy space with the theme of mirror.

Each space has different special check-in points, allowing you to have a 360° immersive experience, which is interesting and fun. Take a small video at will and become a "net celebrity" in Shanggao every minute.




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