Daguan Tower

Daguan Tower was built in the fifty-second year of Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty (1787) and has a history of more than 200 years.

The tower is a seven-level and eight-sided pavilion-style masonry structure with a total height of 46.53 meters and a width of 8.86 meters between the outer wall of the bottom layer.

Top-made aquarium-shaped pagoda. The tower base is in the shape of an eight-sided tower, covering an area of 60 square meters.

The eight-sided stone base on the bottom floor is carved with relief patterns such as flowers, animals, and curly grass. The carvings are exquisitely crafted.

The outer layer of the tower is decorated with double-layered waist eaves, the lower layer is supported by blue brick bucket arches and teeth, and the upper layer is paved with stone slabs and fences, allowing you to climb up and overlook.

The lower octagonal octagonal all have fish heads, and the lower is a copper duo, and the wind blows.

The towers have windows on three sides and a Buddhist altar on one side.

The three characters of "Daguan Tower" were built outside, which were mentioned by Fan Yuanyang, the 33rd generation of Fan Zhongyans son.

The small inscriptions on both sides are "Auspiciousness of Emperor Qianlong and Dingwei Guiyue in the Qing Dynasty" and "Building of Wuxiang Shimin Gong, a co-worker of Fan Yuanxie in the Qing Dynasty".

The tower was built by Fan Yuansi, the magistrate of the time.

The Daguan Tower was built on the bank of the Jinjiang River in the county, and it is named after the grand view of a county.

In 1983, it was announced as a cultural relics protection unit in Shanggao County.

In 1994, the county party committee and the county government carried out the first repair of the tower, mainly by painting the tower body, restoring the tower brake and tower base railing, and strengthening the river bank with slope protection.

In 2017, it applied for Jiangxi Provinces basic cultural protection fund and carried out a comprehensive maintenance.

In 2018, it was announced as the sixth batch of cultural relics protection units in Jiangxi Province.

Regarding the Daguan Tower , there is another argument related to the champion.

According to the Culture man, before the Daguan Tower was built, there was not a champion in Shanggao for many years. It can be said that the writing style is not strong and the talents are scarce.

However, since the completion of the Daguan Tower, the style of writing on the upper level has grown, and talented people have emerged in large numbers, and many champions and celebrities have begun to appear.

We now see the small island on the opposite side, named Zhuangyuanzhou, hence the name.

Therefore, the Daguan Tower is still a blessed pagoda, sheltering generations of eminent people who have worked hard and won the gCulture list and become the pillars of the country.


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