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Founded in 2008


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Bobby Ice-freeze your happy.

In 2008, Bobias Ice Cream China’s first store settled in the Commercial Plaza of Huangxing Pedestrian Street in Changsha, Hunan.

With the ultimate taste of pure American ice cream and the crispness of freshly baked waffles, it has been loved by consumers since its opening.

The dessert station of only 3 square meters once created the sales myth of 4,000 waffle ice creams in a single day!

The high-quality pure fresh milk mix and the world’s top Taylor ice cream machine have created 10 laps of the miracle of the Big Mac waffle ice cream.

Hunan Satellite TV and other media have reported in succession. So far, Bobby Ice ice cream has gradually become popular.

In 2013, Changsha Haixuan Catering Management Co., Ltd. was established, and Bobby Ice officially opened up the national market.

Open franchise came into being, attracting a large wave of business elites to observe and seek cooperation.

In 2017, in just four years, there were more than 210 ice cream stores across the country, and it has gradually become a new star in the catering industry.

A large number of excellent catering people were born along with it, and it is they who continue the sincere service and brand image of Bobias in every corner of the country.


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