Zhengxin Chicken Chop

Zhengxin Chicken Chop






Zhengxin was established in 2006. It is a large-scale diversified industrial group with food as the leading factor, integrating production, supply chain, information technology, commercial real estate and investment.

It is a practitioner of the whole industry chain business model, covering the fields of food research and development, production and processing, packaging and printing, logistics supply chain and chain operation.

Zhengxin Chicken Chop is a sub-brand of Shanghai Zhengxin Food Co., Ltd.

Zhengxin chicken steak is mainly positioned in the casual snack market, with chicken steak as the main product, taking the popular consumption route.

Zhengxin Chicken Chop is spread all over the country and is committed to building a leading brand in China's chicken chop industry.


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