inviting you to unlock the first ancient Food Festival!

Date:2021-03-17    Source:Daguan Culture Street

What kind of sparks will it collide when Han clothes meets gourmet food?

What kind of experience would it be like to travel back to ancient times through time and space?

Yitian·Daguan Culture Street

"Shanggaos First Ancient Food Festival in 2021" give you the answer

Delicious, intangible cultural performances from all over the world

As well as lion dance, archery, and pot throwing

Daguan Tower Lighting Ceremony

Antiquity Dress Up Carnival

Party all night

It is definitely a "food festival" that can be called a must-have

Shanggaos First Ancient Food Festival

This time we are here at Shanggao to create a gourmet feast for you with both vision and taste

Integrate food, national trendy Han clothes, and ancient streets in one to eat, drink and have fun

Address of the event 

Daguan Old Street, No. 567, Daguan Avenue, Shanggao County


Follow the editor to have a look


Food gathering|Gourmet Quest


Fun + delicious + antique 

Old street scene

Boss in period costume

It makes people seem to travel back to ancient times for a thousand years

Immersive antiquity food festival

Nine photos in Moments are not enough


Various flavor snacks and special delicacies

Please bring a 256g stomach to eat 

Food lovers like editor cant help drooling just by looking at the pictures


Featured Deduction|Wonderful Presentation


In addition to eating, the food festival is of course indispensable

Come to Daguan Culture Street

Feel the intangible cultural heritage-lion dance

The lion has big eyes and big ears, with wide open mouth

The momentum is huge, shocking

The scene is vivid and interesting

The sound of gongs, drums and cheers running through the streets and alleys is a lively scene

Experience the intangible cultural heritage—tea picking

The actors sing folk songs while picking tea

Singing and dancing, humorous

Enjoy the charm of tea picking

At the same time carry forward this unique culture and art


Experience the intangible cultural heritage-ten sceneries

The actors played "Ten Scenery" with Suona

Dance steps of "Lotus Picking Boat" and "Clam Shell Lamp"

Full of wit and endless joy

Feel the different feeling of the new year in advance

Introduction of ten sceneries: Mainly distributed in Aoyang Street, Xujiadu Town, Jinjiang Town, Nangang Town, Tianxin Town and other places in Shanggao County. 

Among them, Tuanjie Village in Jinjiang Town performs most frequently and dances well.

According to local old people, the "ten sceneries" were introduced to our county in the early Qing Dynasty and have a history of more than 300 years.

The musical instruments used include touch bells, bells, small cymbals, small gongs, court drums, board drums, tower drums, bamboo boards, suona, and flute.

"Ten Scenery" uses Huagu Opera as a fixed tune, with suona as the main performance, accompanied by various musical instruments. 

The performance is generally not performed separately, but is performed together with "color lotus boat" and "clam shell lamp"


Time Travel | Food and Funny


After eating perfect food, play with the entertainment of ancient people

Want to relax? Want to unzip? Why not shoot an arrow

Let the arrow come out of the unhappy

Draw the bow, aim with holding your breath, and strike through the air 

Is your heart moved?

Come to Daguan Culture Street and pick up a bow and arrow


The traditional small game of pitching pot

Whether to awaken your childhood memories

Lean in


Full of pride

There are also diverse games of lifting the sedan chair and ancient costume flash

Meet the needs of all ages


Beautiful night view|Ace Scream


The finale of the Food Festival is none other than the "Tower"

Colorful light show

Light up Shanggao city

Open the prologue for 2021

It is a visual feast not to be missed

Really beautiful

Daguan Culture Street

Ancient Food Festival 2021

Everything to eat, drink and play

Play to fun

Hope everyone advertises it

Ask three friends, wearing a Han costume and smearing rouge

Come and feel the life!

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