Announcement on the adjustment of the operation of Daguan Old Street during the "Two Sessions"

Date:2021-02-04    Source:Daguan Culture Street

In order to cooperate with the "Two Sessions" and the epidemic prevention and control work, Daguan Laojie has made appropriate adjustments to its current business operations. The contents are as follows:

1、The "Tumbler" performance in the block will be temporarily cancelled from the day after the announcement. We will inform you of the specific start time in time. Thank you very much for your love of the "Tumbler" performance. During the rest period, we will further polish and improve the show, which will bring you a better viewing experience;

2、From the next day of the announcement, Daguan Culture Street will take measures to restrict current flow in the neighborhood. During the flow restriction period, the daily passenger flow is controlled within 200 people. Within the current limit, tourists who enter the block every day need to scan the code, take their body temperature, and wear masks. Please make arrangements for your visit in advance;

During the Spring Festival, Daguan Culture Street was overwhelmingly popular and welcomed a huge passenger flow, and various facilities and staff in the block were under greater pressure. Taking this opportunity to adjust, we will overhaul and upgrade the related facilities of the block, and further train and upgrade the staff, so as to provide a better play experience for tourists and friends.

Thank you again for your support and trust in Daguan Culture Street. We will continue to work hard to provide a better gaming experience!

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