Crowd! Why is this ancient city so popular during the Chinese New Year this year?

Date:2021-02-04    Source:Daguan Culture Street

During the Spring Festival

This street is always full of chariots and people

No need to guess

I believe everyone can think of it right away

Daguan Culture Street

Pray for blessings, make wishes, go shopping for food and drink, and watch performances


There are so many tourists and busy traffic

The area is bustling with joy and laughter

During the holiday period, the tourist flow of scenic spots was nearly 100,000

Can be said to be overwhelmingly popular



The wide streets are crowded with people

There is a long queue at the main entrance of Daguan Culture Street

Many citizens rushed to take a group photo

Madly in the circle of friends


The more people go in, the more people go

People visiting the ancient stage are one after another

Everyone is marveling at the exquisite carvings of the stage

Have picked up their phones to take pictures


Daguan Tower

It also attracted many tourists to come to look

Or group photos in twos and threes

Or family portrait under the tower

A happy scene

Have enjoyed the beautiful scenery

Don't forget to take a photo

Your spring good luck is being delivered

Please keep your mood comfortable and enjoy yourself in the Culture street



As the saying goes, "people take food as the sky"

Come home during the Spring Festival holiday

Must eat and eat

Today, let's take a look

What are the delicacies in the Culture street that make the population flow?


Daguan Food Street

It's simply a good place for people

Eat from the street start to finish

Every store has a hot business 


No need to travel all the way to Xi'an

You can also get a glimpse of Miss Tumbler's demeanor

"Hand in hand" with her up close


Food, drink and fun this year's Spring Festival

Daguan Culture Street is one-stop all-inclusive

Stroll slowly in the block

Feel the slow life

Make this new year more meaningful

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